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Power’s Out, But Dementia’s Fully Charged

It starts with dark clouds gathering. Then the wind kicks up a little—and then a lot. Lightening streaks across the sky, and finally huge, pelting raindrops are splashing against the windows. And that’s when the lights flicker; they’re on, they’re off, back on for a second or two, and then the house is plunged into…
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Quiz Time: What Do You Really Know About Dementia?

I’m working on turning the six chapters of my course, Everything I Wish I Had Known: Caring for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s or Other Dementia, into six individual presentations that I will teach in a seminar-type setting It’s truly my objective to help people understand what dementia is—and what it isn’t—as well as encouraging…
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Sundowning: Basic Strategies for the Caregiver

In January 2021, my in-laws were packing to move so they could be closer to us in Texas. They’d lived in their house since 2003, and now they were downsizing into an apartment in an independent living community. Chris, Faith and I had gone to Memphis to help with the packing. We knew my father-in-law…
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