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The Patient-Caregiver-Practitioner Partnership

“’I’m sorry she’s not being cooperative,’ I said…’All I can tell you is that she has Alzheimer’s and she just doesn’t understand what’s going on.’ ‘Oh,’ the nurse responded in a puzzled tone, ‘she has Alzheimer’s?’ Her question left me absolutely speechless. This nurse, who had been assigned to take care of my grandmother for…
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Searching for Dr. “Right”

“Chris glanced down at the doctor’s pocket. He saw the top of a book sticking out. ‘Are you studying Spanish?’ [he] asked. …‘Yeah,’ [Dr. Weston] said. ‘So many of our patients who come in here are native Spanish speakers. I just thought I should learn how to communicate with them.’” Excerpt from Goodnight, Sweet: A…
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Caregiver Quiz: What Documents Do I Really Need?

FINALLY! We have a brand-new year and it’s off to a running start. There were times we weren’t sure we’d get here because the old year presented such profound challenges, but now that’s in the past. Starting today we can move forward, regarding the events of the last twelve months much like we would a…
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