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Power of Attorney: What Is It and Why Do You Need It?

 Your loved one has just been diagnosed with dementia, and because the condition is so advanced the doctor has no choice but to declare them “incompetent”—meaning they are no longer able to manage their own affairs due to their medical condition. At this point, someone else is going to have to step in to do…
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Estate Planning: What Do I Really Need?

It became obvious that my grandparents needed my help after they had wandered two hours from their home and had to be brought back by the sheriff. What followed was a devastating diagnosis of dementia—Grandma with Alzheimer’s, and my grandfather with an unspecified dementia type. Dozens of questions swirled around in my mind, but the…
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Caregiver Quiz: What Documents Do I Really Need?

FINALLY! We have a brand-new year and it’s off to a running start. There were times we weren’t sure we’d get here because the old year presented such profound challenges, but now that’s in the past. Starting today we can move forward, regarding the events of the last twelve months much like we would a…
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