Tag: #Alzheimers

The Resuscitation Question

In my previous post, I started a blog series in order to more closely examine the estate planning documents every person should have; I began by investigating the difference between the living will and the last will and testament. This post, the second in the series, will address the delicate subject of resuscitation, specifically focusing…
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The Purpose in the Repetition

By our very nature, we humans are storytellers. The sharing of information in the form of a story is so deeply ingrained as to be part of our very fabric. In Volume 3 of her fantastic educational series The Mystery of History, Linda Lacour Hobar quotes one of the west African griots—men who memorized their…
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The Gospel Truth: Jesus’ Ministry to Caregivers

Happy 2022! It’s a brand-new year, and the mental “reset” this affords all of us cannot be overstated. During the Holiday break, my family and I have been enjoying Angel Studios’ crowd-funded hit The Chosen. Watching the very ordinary—yet simultaneously extraordinary—way Jesus interacts with all kinds of people has been deeply moving as well as…
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