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Need Support? Check These Five Ideas

Connection keeps us grounded in healthy reality, but isolation allows for a downward spiral which can lead into depression and exhaustion. So how does the overworked and under-rested caregiver acquire the necessary—yet seemingly illusive—link with people who can provide them the most practical help? Whether the person being cared for has dementia or any one…
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Self-Care, Not Selfish

Mother has another eye appointment; Dad has to see his gerontologist. Mom’s dog needs a bath; Dad’s fixed on the notion that the hedges still need trimming even though their lawn service took care of it last week. Mom said it’s time for another grocery run—Dad’s out of chocolate bars. If you were the primary…
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Help? Absolutely

People who have never been caregivers frequently make the mistake of grossly underestimating how stressful the job can be. They have a tendency to roll in like a bowling ball with advice and instruction, and the result can be that the legitimate caregiver’s proverbial pins topple over with a deafening clatter. What they don’t realize…
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Burned Out Socialite?

I see a number of posts on social media which ask people to be patient with caregivers—and rightly so; the caregiving job is isolating and wearisome. There are many diseases which necessitate the presence of a full-time caregiver, and the role lays claim to the caregiver’s time and energy. Frequently the caregiver’s own needs are…
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