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COVID’s Clear Confusion

There are 24 hours in a day, and a single news cycle runs through all 24 of them non-stop. Not hard to guess what they’re talking about these days. COVID-19 has literally dominated the airwaves; there have been thousands of stories covering every conceivable aspect of that virus: Who’s got it? What’s anybody doing about…
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Lifting the “In Person” Visit Ban?

2020 has certainly presented some unique challenges to every area of our lives.Due to COVID-19, one of the many, many hardships we’ve had to face this year isthe inability of caregivers to visit their loved ones in nursing homes and otherlong-term care communities. Although the reason for the separation is perfectlyclear, caregiver exasperation and anxiety…
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Mom Knew All Along

You know what Mom always said: “Wash your hands!” Most of us grew up on that phrase. Before meals and after using the restroom Mom (or grandmother or aunt or mom’s friend or the lady in the cafeteria at school) would always admonish us to wash our hands. And it was always a bother, particularly…
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Creating Contact: Connection Minus the Virus

We are in uncharted territory with this world-wide pandemic brought on by the COVID-19 virus, and caregiving, just like every other area of our lives, has been profoundly affected. It’s anything but “business as usual.” Ironically, that which was causing the caregiver so much stress before the virus—having to go to the nursing home or…
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