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An Emotional Melting Pot

Imagine you are friends with Jane who is a full-time caregiver for a loved one in her family. As Jane’s friend, you invite her to join you for coffee. Weeks of her not being able to make it come and go, but by some miracle she’s free today. Now, as you both settle in with…
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Lifting the “In Person” Visit Ban?

2020 has certainly presented some unique challenges to every area of our lives.Due to COVID-19, one of the many, many hardships we’ve had to face this year isthe inability of caregivers to visit their loved ones in nursing homes and otherlong-term care communities. Although the reason for the separation is perfectlyclear, caregiver exasperation and anxiety…
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Need Support? Check These Five Ideas

Connection keeps us grounded in healthy reality, but isolation allows for a downward spiral which can lead into depression and exhaustion. So how does the overworked and under-rested caregiver acquire the necessary—yet seemingly illusive—link with people who can provide them the most practical help? Whether the person being cared for has dementia or any one…
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