Month: July 2020

Compassion. Experience. Wisdom.

Reduce Your Dementia Risk?

One of the most frequently asked questions I hear about dementia is, “How can I protect myself against it?” Everyone wants to know if there’s something they can do to minimize their chances of developing any of the multiple forms the condition can take. The simple answer is “yes, there are things you can do…
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5 Tips to Begin the Caregiving Journey

When the word “dementia” is used in your loved one’s diagnosis, its syllables just seem to hang in the air like they’re stuck. Even if you’re almost expecting to hear it, once that word is actually uttered by a physician it becomes official, and the noise of it plays at the entrance to your ear…
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COVID’s Clear Confusion

There are 24 hours in a day, and a single news cycle runs through all 24 of them non-stop. Not hard to guess what they’re talking about these days. COVID-19 has literally dominated the airwaves; there have been thousands of stories covering every conceivable aspect of that virus: Who’s got it? What’s anybody doing about…
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Lifting the “In Person” Visit Ban?

2020 has certainly presented some unique challenges to every area of our lives.Due to COVID-19, one of the many, many hardships we’ve had to face this year isthe inability of caregivers to visit their loved ones in nursing homes and otherlong-term care communities. Although the reason for the separation is perfectlyclear, caregiver exasperation and anxiety…
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