Month: July 2019

Help? Absolutely

People who have never been caregivers frequently make the mistake of grossly underestimating how stressful the job can be. They have a tendency to roll in like a bowling ball with advice and instruction, and the result can be that the legitimate caregiver’s proverbial pins topple over with a deafening clatter. What they don’t realize…
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Burned Out Socialite?

I see a number of posts on social media which ask people to be patient with caregivers—and rightly so; the caregiving job is isolating and wearisome. There are many diseases which necessitate the presence of a full-time caregiver, and the role lays claim to the caregiver’s time and energy. Frequently the caregiver’s own needs are…
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Listening = Best Care

I recently made a Twitter post in which I respectfully petitioned medical professionals to resist the temptation to dismiss patient information when it comes from a caregiver. It clearly struck a chord as it was re-tweeted 77 times, received more than 230 likes, and had multiple comments which affirmed my statement. As a caregiver, I…
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